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Author Charity Parkerson

He wants to tame her…
After losing his wife to her wild ways at a young age, Tristan moved on to follow a higher calling. He finds comfort in helping others and has no intention of inviting drama back into his life. That is, until temptation blows into town.

She wants to corrupt him…
Riley is a foul-mouthed, bad-tempered, and bitter soul. Down on her luck and on the run from another terrible decision, the last thing she needs is a soul-saving hottie pushing his way into her life.

But will they end up destroying each other?
Taming Riley becomes an obsession for Tristan. With his reputation on the line and Riley’s heart on the table, can Tristan find a way to keep both? It only takes a dash of desire to ignite a flame when this savior and sinner collide. But this is one inferno that could end up destroying them both.

Charity Parkerson is an award winning and multi-published author with Ellora's Cave Publishing, Indie Publishing House LLC, and Punk & Sissy Publications. Born with no filter from her brain to her mouth, she decided to take this odd quirk and insert it in her characters.

*Winner of 2, 2014 Readers' Favorite Awards
*2014 Golden Ankh Nominee
*2013 Readers' Favorite Award Winner
*2013 Reviewers' Choice Award Winner
*2012 ARRA Finalist for Favorite Paranormal Romance
*Five-time winner of The Mistress of the Darkpath

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Blog Tour with Carolyn Mathews

Transforming Pandora 

We meet Pandora at a crossroads in her life. Mike, her first love and second husband, has just died from a heart attack and she is feeling overwhelmed with grief. He was the love of her life, her soul mate, now she is questioning how she can go on without him. Her former employee talks her into attending a service at a spiritualist chapel where a clairvoyant tells her that Mike didn't suffer and that he loved her. Pandora takes all this with a grain of salt but, towards the end of the evening, a Higher Spirit comes through, instructing her to start meditating so she can connect with him. That evening, she begins to reflect on her past, returning in her thoughts to the 1970s, when her heart was broken for the first time. As with all things in life, particularly Pandora’s, everything happens for a purpose, especially when she has someone like Enoch, the mysterious spirit, leading her towards her ultimate destiny.

Fascinating, interesting, introspective and well written, this could be your story or someone else’s, but regardless, it is a story about coming of age, at whatever age that may be! ~Bluewolf

Squaring Circles
Free spirit Pandora, who has now become a sound healer, is shaken by the sudden death of her mother and puzzled by the appearance of a young stranger at the funeral. When her mother's grave is disturbed, she turns detective and finds herself drawn into a world of intrigue, centring round a devious couple's plot to exploit a healing circle for their own ends. Her partner Jay's collaboration with an attractive singer and her own encounter with an old flame add to the confusion. The twists and turns of her life begin to resemble the beautiful labyrinth in her garden, but will they lead to happiness or heartache?

'Squaring Circles' is a rich and delicious slice of modern British life, topped off with an intriguing dollop of paranormal whipped cream. This is a sequel to 'Transforming Pandora', and, like the first instalment, this is a novel of many characters and almost non-stop conversation, delightfully narrated by the protagonist, Pandora, now dabbling in sound healing. Most interestingly, she has a supernatural friend, Enoch, with whom she occasionally communicates via automatic writing. Pandora’s beautifully complicated modern family is depicted with such realism that the plethora of characters comes fully to life, and we feel happily included in the family. ~Ram Das Batchelder

Carolyn Mathews, who lives in south east England, started her writing career by producing reading books for English language learners. Since retiring from teaching, she's been inspired by an interest in the mystical to create contemporary fiction which she hopes will satisfy both the heart and the soul of the readers. Her husband, an ex-police officer, has no literary ambitions, but her two sons are both creative, the younger being a computer games producer and the older writing plays in his spare time. Her grandson, Henry, is only just learning to read and write, so who knows? She is flying the flag for all latecomers to fiction writing. "Don't let anyone tell you you're too old to start. Follow your dream, but don't expect miracles to fall out of the sky. Miracles happen, but they have to be accompanied by perspiration as well as inspiration!"


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Blog Tour: Bird of Paradise with Author Claire Amber

Bird of Paradise (full cover)Description Rorschet Salavreech was raised to believe he was unworthy of beauty until he met his student and soul mate Tangora Desjardins, a six-year-old girl who has stolen his bruised heart and brought him to his knees. A delicate flower has been presented to someone who had only heard of it in stories and seen it in his dreams. How could he not gaze at it and wonder what it would feel like to touch it? Until the bud reveals its colorful petals to him, he must keep his trembling claws away from it. But is it not worth the wait? After all, the most beautiful flower is the one you've waited for to bloom before your very eyes.

Blurb A delicate flower has been presented to someone who had only heard of it in stories and seen it in his dreams. How could he not gaze at it and wonder what it would feel like to touch it?

Author Image (Claire Amber)     Author Bio Claire Amber is a young artist and literature enthusiast that seeks to perfect her craft and share her visions with the world. Her out-of-the-box way of thinking and immensely high levels of imagination will leave you wondering how someone was even able to think up the things you will see in her work. Having a thing for monster erotica, mystery and adventure, she mixes all three of those ingredients to bake some weird and high calorie cupcakes of literature and art.
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Excerpt 1

Rorschet returned to the sanctuary of his thoughts again. He knew almost everything there was to know about dreams, but he still couldn’t help but feel that maybe both dreams were depicting reality. What if Tangora was the flower? The one tender little thing that didn’t say: “Don’t touch me.”, like she was repulsed by him. No. She said she didn’t want him to die. She let him hold her hand. She wanted to hold his hand. She looked up to him and trusted him to take care of her and not let her fall while they were flying. Then he remembered everyone else. The thorns that had enveloped him in the past. Father. Nina. He was patient with both of them. He sacrificed himself for them. He tried to reach out the first time and all he felt on his palm was a whip of a leather belt. He tried to reach out the second time and felt nothing. Only the cold wind. When his hand had given up and could reach out no more, someone reached out to him and pulled him out of the dark, empty well the world had thrown him in. But there was one other thing to consider. Who was the monster chasing after his dear student in her dreams?
- Dad? - she called out to him and placed her little talons onto his lap, unsure what’s wrong with him and why he’s staring blankly out into space.
Something snapped him out of it. Something… unpleasant.
- What did you just call me? - he looked up at her with disappointment in his eyes.
- Oh! I’m sorry! I mean… Sorry, sir. Are you okay, sir? - she corrected herself and sat back down again, staring at the ground to express her shame.
- Tangora, listen to me. - he raised his voice in frustration and grabbed hold of her shoulders.
Surprised and a bit scared, she looked up at him.
- Don’t ever call me that. Do you understand? Don’t think of me as your father.
- It slipped, sir. I’m sorry. - she stuttered a bit.
- I’m not your father, I’m not your brother and I’m not your master. - he said with anger channeling through him, but then he calmed down, let her go and sighed. - Think of me as your friend. I’m your friend.
- Okay… - she nodded, trying to avoid making eye contact with him.
- I’m sorry. I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to say it like that. Please, forgive me. - he asked for her forgiveness and contemplated whether he should hold her to make things better or not.
Panic was starting to get to him. Her lips were shaking and her saddened eyes made him feel even worse for speaking to her in such an aggressive tone of voice. Then without a warning, the girl ran into his arms and hugged him. Tears were running down her warm cheeks and he could sense that she was crying because of the sound of her voice. The xarrin was caught off guard and froze for a few moments.
- I’m sorry. I didn’t wanna make you angry. Please don’t be mad at me. - she cried.
Rorschet gently placed his palms onto her back, feeling the softness of her luxuriant, brown and bronze-colored locks with orange tips decorating them. He thus hugged her back and closed his eyes, not knowing and not wanting to stop smiling.
- You did nothing wrong, child. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that. I’m the one who should be sorry, not you. - he consoled her. - Don’t cry. When you’re upset, I’m upset too.
- Okay… - she sniffled and wiped the tears off her face. - I’m sorry… Please don’t be sad.
- Can I ask you to promise me one thing? - he pushed her away lightly, but still held her in his arms so that he could face her while he spoke to her.
- Yeah…? - she replied with traces of shiny tear drops still covering her innocent, round face.
- Keep smiling. You have a beautiful smile. It makes me proud to be able to call myself your mentor when others see what a beautiful smile you have. - the xarrin requested and wiped the rest of the water off her face with his sleeve.

Excerpt 2

It is still early, the second day of winter, and the snow has only lightly covered the surface of the earth. Temperatures haven’t dropped too low. As always, Rorschet liked to take this time to stroll around the barren land of the gardens in the early morning and enjoy the cool air against his bare torso while his robes were protecting his legs and keeping them warm. There was something on his mind though. He was thinking about when he should converse with the Divines and his deceased father and wife. Remembering his dream, he is now confident he will be able to conquer the demons within him, but that is not what is bothering him. How should he react when he sees his father and wife after so many years? What should he say? It certainly won’t be easy to start the conversation, but regardless, he needs their help if he is to be worthy of receiving the hand of the princess. And what happens afterward when he is purged of wretch? When Tangora turns twenty, he shall no longer be her master. How should he begin his courtship? He won’t be able to come up to her and simply tell her he loves her right away. Perhaps he should ask her to spend a little more time with him because he shall be too saddened by her departure to let her go. That almost sounds like a plan. Where should he take her? It is the final stretch. The sight of the finish line at the end of a marathon. Everything must be perfect to the very last detail. Though he wishes for much more than her lips, being humble might be his last hope if she rejects him. That way, there will still be a chance for her to change her mind. All of these years he’s had to watch her grow up into something beautiful and breathtaking. For all these years he’s been holding back. With each day it’s getting harder for him to resist the temptation of brushing his fingers against her delicious skin or breathing in the scent of her sweet, luxurious hair. The hunger was painful, yet it was wonderful. Hope was making it all the more delectable. Maybe he should write her a poem and keep it to himself until she knows about his feelings for her. A love song would be best, but anything he did now would be pointless, for it would only sate him for so long. Tangora’s poison has now spread though his veins and contaminated his mind. It’s too warm. Why is it so warm? The air is so thin. Rorschet threw himself onto the cold ground and felt relief as he took a deep breath. Love sort of feels like a fever. A disease that acts like a drug as it spreads through your body. However, once infected, a blow to the heart is usually a fatal one, but Rorschet has no worries. Tangora is the best person a man could trust with his heart. Just thinking about her is making him feel as carefree as a child, talking to himself and pretending to be hallucinating like he doesn’t care if someone sees him and thinks he’s out of his mind. He feels too good to keep silent.
- What are you thinking about, little dove? - he spoke whilst smiling and staring up at the clouds that were floating through the sky. - Who’s on your mind when you look yourself in the mirror and touch your pearly skin? Are your hands still cold? I wish I could hold them and keep them warm for you.

Excerpt 3

Sepulcher Most Divine
Here lies a little boy,
Covered by his sheets in dread and fear.
His heart will beat once more with joy,
When the footsteps he can no longer hear.
An angel came and helped him stand,
Broke his iron mask and bloody chains.
She did not shudder when she touched the hand
Of a corpse that no longer in its grave remains.
Then came a day when his flower they stole,
His waking demons he could not shun.
With no one to keep his spirit whole,
He became his father’s son.
Here lies a blessed man,
Bathed in light that shan’t cease to shine.
Wishing to stay for as long as he can
In the sepulcher most divine.

Book Soundtrack

Angel in Disguise - Musiqq
La La La - Naughty Boy feat. Sam Smith
When We Stand Together - Nickelback
For the First Time in Forever - Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel
Wonder - Naughty Boy feat. Emeli Sandé
Prayer - Hayley Westenra
A Neverending Dream - Cascada
Into the Night - Chad Kroeger feat. Santana
Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink
Lullaby - Nickelback
Ghost - Ella Henderson
Euphoria - Loreen

Top Ten Animated Feature Films

1. Beauty and the Beast
My favorite and the most beautiful love story of all time. I really identify with Belle and have always adored the concept of a monster or beast being in a romantic relationship with a human woman. No matter how many times I watch it it still makes me cry when the beast says that he loves Belle. I've even seen the play as a child. No story will ever be as good as this one for me. I love it, I feel it and I breathe it.
2. Kung Fu Panda
The humor was just out of this world. Especially the opening. The animation and all the action is also outstanding. I've watched the first movie and the sequel which is also pretty damn good. Now I can't wait for the 3rd movie to come out!
3. Monster House
As a kid, I've watched the version which was synchronized to my mother tongue and it just blew my mind when I heard people swearing in an animated movie. Also, the kid that did the voice of Chowder was incredible. I can't stress that enough. I adored his performance in that movie.
4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
A very adult animated movie. Very strong and dark. The voice acting and animation, it was spectacularly good. The only thing I really hated was those comic relief gargoyles. They really ruined the mood of the movie at times and I hate them for trying to" brighten up" such a brilliant, dark story. I found them insulting that way.
5. Wreck-It Ralph
The animation and the story was so captivating that it totally made me miss the most obvious clue that would have revealed to me who the villain was going to end up being. That's how good it was. I'm usually the one to always predict the twist endings in movies, but this movie intrigued me so much that I failed to do that. Well played, Wreck-It Ralph. Well played.
6. The Princess and the Frog
Louisiana voodoo? Oh yeah! The music was pretty darn good and the villain was epic! As a voodoo fan, I've really grown to like him. Also, the dancing scene with Tiana and Naveen was just adorable.
7. Lilo & Stitch
A cherished childhood memory. Also, I used to think Pleakley was kinda hot.
8. Kronk's New Groove
Another cherished childhood memory that made me fall in love with the voice of Patrick Warburton. Amazing voice actor.
9. Monster High: 13 Wishes
The voice actress of Gigi is astounding. The way she portrays her voice is honey for my ears. Plus, I really enjoyed the villain, Gigi's shadow. She was also creepy at times, but in a really good way. This movie was really great because of the psychological observation of the characters such as Gigi, her sister, Cleo and Clawdeen. It's superior compared to... ugh... Welcome to Hauntlywood... They really lowered their standards. I mean really lowered them. From a movie like 13 Wishes that had a great story, great characters that had complexity, they went to a movie with 70% marketing new toys, 20% comic relief and 10% garbage. Compared to the brilliance of 13 Wishes, Welcome to Hauntlywood was simply heinous.
10. The Book of Life
Although I haven't seen it yet, based on the trailer, I gave it 10th place because of the epic animation, awesome voice acting and the fact that I adore Dia de los Muertos.
  Sepulcher Most Divine (illustrated poem)    

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Author Kat Green "Strings" Read & Review for FREE


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Blog Tour with Author Lily Paradis

After her father’s untimely demise in a mining accident and her mother’s abandonment, Lauren Lindsay is no stranger to loss. She’s used to living life for one person: herself. That is, until another family tragedy thrusts three children into her care and uproots her life in ways she could never imagine.

Lauren's first instinct is to run, until she meets their striking, mysterious neighbor Dean Powell. Their immediate chemistry and his connection with her late father just might be enough to keep her in town long enough to uncover pieces of her past that she never had answers to. Dean’s shady past and her reluctance to trust him could cost her the life she's always been searching for, but will she run back to her old life? Or will she choose to stay and live the life her father always imagined for her?

Excerpt #1:

Have you ever heard of koi no yokan?”
I shook my head.
It’s Japanese,” he explained as he trailed his fingers lightly down one of my arms. “It doesn’t have an English equivalent. Roughly translated, it’s a term for the feeling that you have when you first meet someone.”
Like love at first sight?” I asked, tipping my head up toward his.
No, not quite like that. It’s more like you know that a future love with that person is inevitable, but it doesn’t exist in that moment.”

Excerpt #2:

I don’t want there to be a pause button,” I said.
Me neither.”
He leaned in and I thought it was going to happen. I thought he was going to finally kiss me for real, instead of what I think happened last night but was possibly imagined in my delirious, scared brain.
I even shut my eyes in anticipation, but it never happened. I opened them to find him staring out the window behind me. It was finally snowing.
This was not how I pictured this moment in my head.
Earth to Dean,” I said, slightly annoyed as I waved my hand.
He snapped out of his reverie and smiled bigger than I’d ever seen him smile.
What’s going on?” I asked warily.
He looked like a kid in a candy shop. He stood and pulled me to my feet, and then knelt down before me all in one fluid motion. Whenever this guy proposed to someone, it was going to be smooth as hell. I knew he wasn’t proposing, but I was curious about what he was doing beaming at me from the floor as he clutched my hands dramatically.
Lauren Annabelle Lindsay.”
He paused for effect.
Would you do me the honor of accompanying me to the Snow Ball?”

Author Bio:

Lily is 22 and recently graduated from the University of Colorado where she earned a degree in English Literature. She lives with her family and loves reading, running, and hiking. Although she's a Colorado native, New York City is her favorite place in the world and fosters her borderline unhealthy obsession with the Empire State Building and F. Scott Fitzgerald. IGNITE is her debut novel.


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Bobo Blog Tour


bobos book cover nowBook Blurb:

Sometimes a weekend can seem like a lifetime to a growing child. He may experience like, fear, anticipation, and other emotions without smooth transition or even realizing it. This is the life of Bobo, a fifth grader, who loves his family, the Superfriends, and chocolate milk. As he introduces himself, get to know him, and you will absolutely love him!!    

10625159_10152754944070041_1220370786362177933_nAuthor Bio:

James Gordon is from Chicago Illinois and has one book to his credit, the DJ Gatsby Book Club Children's Book of the Year, Hi My Name is Bobo. Under his pen name G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive) he has penned five additional books and garnered several awards. James has crossed over into to the storytelling scene in Chicago and can be seen on the tv shows(Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Sirens, and Empire).

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Blog Tour for The Retired Tooth Fairy



817dBUQZbeL._SL1500_We all know who collects the baby teeth; but, who collects the teeth when someone older, like Mommy or Daddy, loses a tooth? The retired tooth fairies do! “The Retired Tooth Fairy” follows the misadventures of one of these fairies. And her name is Bea. When the head fairy, Ms. Floss, gets swamped, she enlists the help of The Retired Tooth Fairy. Bea happily accepts her request and starts on her journey. But collecting these teeth will prove to be no easy task. Bea will have to risk being discovered by humans in order to return home before the magic of her "Youthful Dust" fades away. Will she make it home in time? Find out as you join Bea on her misadventure.    








Character Interview

Double Decker Books: Today, I would like to welcome a “fairy” special guest. Today we have an interview with a tooth fairy!
Teenage Girl: Pssst… (waves arms frantically) Excuse me…sorry.
Double Decker Books: I am sorry Miss, but I am in the middle of an interview.
Teenage Girl: (shakes head) I need to tell you something important!
Double Decker Books: Okay, what is it?
Teenage Girl: I am that Tooth Fairy’s granddaughter, Adelia. And I have some unfortunate news!
Double Decker Books: What is wrong?
Adelia: My grandma is a little…well…tied up at the moment. She is going to be late.
Double Decker Books: Oh no! What happened?
Adelia: Well, she went to take on an assignment before coming today and she said she got caught in the strings of a dental office’s blinds. So, she is a little tied up right now. My Mom is heading over there to help her out of her predicament.
Double Decker Books: Yikes! Is she okay?
Adelia: Yes, she is not hurt or anything. But like she may not be here anytime soon…ya know.
Double Decker Books: Geez, that puts a damper on this interview. I guess we will have to wait.
(Adelia whips out sparkling dust and sprinkles it above her head. She shrinks down to her normal fairy size and flies over to the chair next to the interviewer.)
Adelia: Is there anything I can help you answer?
Double Decker Books: You know what, I am sure we could ask you a few questions—as long as you don’t mind.
Adelia: I would love to help out! What do you got?
Double Decker Books: Alright, well, how is life in your world?
Adelia: Oh it is absolutely awesomely cool! There are a lot of similarities between our worlds--with the exception of magic. Oh…and flying. And being super tiny. But if you take away those, we live normal lives just like you! We go to school, hang out with friends, take a stroll in the park, and play Flossy Ball. Our buildings are made out of melted down teeth, and we have a set of rules to follow.
Double Decker Books: Yes, that sounds very much like life here. But may I ask, what is Flossy Ball?
Adelia: Flossy Ball is the best game in the world! We get in teams of seven. One side pitches the Flossy ball over to the Picker. The Picker catches the ball, throws it in the air, and smacks it with their wrists. Once the ball is in the air, the Picker runs to the other end of the field. The other team must catch the ball and then tag the Picker before she scores. If they tag her before she reaches the goal, then she must pick a satchel of fairy dust and sprinkle it over her head. Each satchel contains both good and bad magic. If she picks a good one she can get super speed, but if she picks a bad one, she may be temporarily turned into a rabbit until her team scores. The first team to score 21 points wins. It is awesome!
Double Decker Books: Now that sounds like a unique game.
Adelia: Oh it is! I LOVE it!
Double Decker Books: Now Adelia are you in the book “The Retired Tooth Fairy”?
Adelia: Of course! My grandma gets in soooo much trouble. I had to go and rescue her again. My Mom and I tend to do that a lot! My silly Grandma!
Bea: I heard that!
Adelia: (runs over to Bea and gives her a hug) Grandma! You are here!
Bea: Yep! I made it. It was such an exciting morning. Oh dear!
Double Decker Books: Hello Bea! I am glad you finally made it. What happened?
Bea: I volunteered to pick up some adult teeth from the dental office down the street. I entered the building through an office window, but I did not see the string hanging down. I ran right into it and got a little tangled. After several moments struggling, I freed myself, but I landed into a plastic jar full of cotton balls. The dental assistant didn’t notice I was there, and she closed the lid to that jar. I did not know how I was going to get myself out.
Double Decker Books: What did you do?
Adelia: Where was your magic pack?
Bea: My magic pack slipped off and was laying on the counter outside of the jar. So I went with the only option I had—I kept ramming into the side of the jar until it slid off the counter. Then I flew up as fast as I could so the jar floated instead of crashing into the floor. But when I placed it down, I realized I didn’t have the energy to tip it on its side.
Double Decker Books: Oh no, did you get trapped?
Bea: Yes! And I was buried underneath a mountain of cotton balls!
Adelia: Is that all of the fuzzy white stuff in your hair?
Bea: (picks out a piece of fuzz from her hair) Oh dear! I thought I had removed it all.
Double Decker Books: So how did you get out?
Bea: I had to wait for one of the dental people to enter the room and accidently kick over the jar.
Double Decker Books: Well, I am glad you got out of that okay and you weren’t hurt.
Bea: Why thank you! You are so sweet!
Double Decker Books: Adelia mentioned that she and her Mom have to save you a lot. How often does this happen?
Bea: Ha ha, more than I like to admit!
Adelia: Grandma, it happens every time you go out to complete a case. I think the Sprites get most of their jobs from your…um...mishaps?
Double Decker Books: Who are the Sprites?
Bea: They are our Peacekeepers…
Adelia: …and magical mistake fixer-uppers!
Bea: They enforce the fairy laws, and keep us safe from bad fairies.
Double Decker Books: In other words, they are like police officers?
Bea: Yes, that would be your equivalent to our Sprites.
Double Decker Books: Interesting! Now please tell me, why do you collect adult teeth?
Bea: I am retired from being a tooth fairy. It is too hard climbing into children’s rooms, squeezing underneath pillows, and being chased by various family pets.
Adelia: Believe it or not, frogs are the animals we fear most!
Double Decker Books: Frogs? Why?
Bea: Because frogs think we are flies. They try to eat us on average 100% of the time.
Double Decker Books: Okay. I guess I can see why now.
Bea: To get back to your question, adult teeth are left in open places. They are easier to collect. Well, they are supposed to be. I haven’t had much luck with them.
Double Decker Books: How did you feel when that one tooth rocketed into the air while you were tied to it?
Bea: It was terrifying! My Magic Puffballs were expired, but I didn’t realize it until afterwards. Instead of instantly shrinking the teeth so I could carry them, they shot through the air. I was not expecting to be yanked through the air by a rocketing tooth! All I wanted to do was conserve my energy before my Youthful Dust ran out. I won’t be trying that idea again.
Double Decker Books: I would be terrified too! I just have one more question. How did you like having a story written about you, and are there plans for any more stories featuring you?
Bea: I loved it! It was a great experience for me. I enjoyed sharing my experiences with everyone and having a chance to connect with people who I have visited for years. It’s hard being a Tooth Fairy. I always wanted to stay behind and talk to the kids, but, you know, I had a job that required me to go from place to place. It was rough. The next story picks up right after this one and is titled, “The Retired Tooth Fairy in Lilly’s Adventure”. You get to learn more about our fairy world. It is a lot of fun!
Double Decker Books: Well, it was a pleasure meeting the both of you today!
Bea and Adelia: It was a pleasure meeting you as well!
Double Decker Books: (glances at the audience) Let’s give Bea, The Retired Tooth Fairy, and her granddaughter, Adelia, a round of applause.
(Crowd Cheers)
Adelia: (pulls out a pink satchel, hands it to Bea, and whispers) Here’s some Youthful Dust Grandma!
Bea: (takes the satchel and whispers) Thank you Sweetie!
Double Decker Books: (turns away from the crowd and faces the fairies) Thank you for the wonderful interview!
Bea: You are welcome! We had a lot of fun! Happy Brushing!
Double Decker Books: Happy Brushing! Try staying out of trouble.
Bea: I will try!
(Bea sprinkles the Youthful Dust over her head and does a quick dance before her and Adelia fly off stage.)


author photo web Author Bio: Jaclyn M Bartz is a lifelong artist and writer, with humbled healthcare background. Life took an unexpected turn which led her to her ideal career as a children’s book writer/illustrator. As a child, she spent her days writing stories and drawing pictures. Even though she loved these activities, Jaclyn pursued a career in the dental field. She wanted to be a dentist specializing in geriatric care. But destiny had other plans for her. After suffering a string of personal tragedies, literally weeks before becoming a licensed dental hygienist, Jaclyn jumped at the chance to write and draw for children. Now equipped with her love of art and writing, and her knowledge of patient education and oral healthcare, she is finally able to pursue a career as a children's author while doing the things she enjoys most. And she has never been happier.   Opening Question Tell us a little about yourself and your background?  
  1. I have been drawing and writing since I was a small little tyke. My influences were comics, games, and cartoons that I loved as a child, and I wrote my own stories about those characters. As I grew older and as my talents developed, my free time was focused on creating my very own dynamic characters in short stories and graphic comics. Although it seemed my artistic journey should have been a straight path, there were several obstacles that forced me to take the long road—which actually has been a blessing to my career.
After facing a setback before becoming a licensed dental hygienist, I ended up tapping back into who I was born to be—a writer. And years later, I have just published my first book, The Retired Tooth Fairy, I am getting ready to publish my next book, and have created my own publishing company, Green Owl Publications. Additionally, I am an independent blogger and book reviewer who frequently volunteers with the Midwest Book Review. When I am not writing, I am creating artwork such as album covers, custom tattoos, and graphic images. Life is busy and I am blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love. Q1. Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?  
  1. Bea, “The Retired Tooth Fairy”, was inspired by a conversation with my daughter after she had lost another tooth. When she asked me about who collects a mommy or daddy tooth, the character just jumped out of my mind and took a breath of light with each giggle we shared. She is not an ordinary tooth fairy—so I had a lot of fun filling in her personal story. Bea is short for Beatrice (which means traveler) and is also a representation of my last initial (“B” for Bartz). She is the first fairy—that I know of—whose purpose is to collect the often neglected adult teeth. They should be the easiest teeth to collect; however, Bea always finds herself in trouble when going out on her “adventures”. What I love about her is her ability to keep trying no matter how difficult her situation appears. She often uses her creative problem-solving skills to get out of her messes, even though they tend to lead to even bigger obstacles. She always maintains her kindness toward others and embraces her limitations with humor and grace.
  Q2. Where do your ideas come from?  
  1. My ideas come from two places: life and my imagination. There are things in life that will spark the creative candle in my head and force it to burn with the brightest light possible. I have no fear of exploring concepts I have never experienced. I am an empathetic personality. I can place myself into various situations and do my best to understand the emotions that are felt. I guess it is my way to try to get a grasp about the world around me. It is actually a unique gift because it helps me visualize and feel those deep feelings as if they are happening when in fact they are not. I used to think I was weird to be able to do that until I met some other artists who have the same creative quirk. My imagination helps me to explore things that are not of this world. These are the ideas that explode from the “what ifs” or “why nots”. I love twists on things or to make something up that no one has ever seen or heard. My sketchbooks are filled with all kinds of different things—from space beings to magical creatures and strange worlds. I love Surrealism—think Salvador Dali—because it emphasizes moving beyond that creative box and exploring the outermost depths of the imagination. I try not to limit where my ideas take me. Art has no boundaries.
  Q3. How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?  
  1. I have grown immensely throughout the years. I love taking a look at my older drawings and writings. They remind me how much I have learned and how far I have come. I mean I went from stick figures to photorealistic and graphic art. My writings went from flat plotlines to fully dynamic worlds full of complex characters. It has been a magnificent transformation thus far and I know I still have more to room to expand my creative wings. I love learning, so I spend a lot of my free time researching and trying new techniques to push myself as an artist and to expand my craft. I look forward to seeing where my art will take me in five, ten, and twenty more years.
  Q4. Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors.  
  1. I read a lot! Between educational, entertainment, and books I receive for reviews, I probably read several books a week. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and R.L. Stein. Even though they are a different genre, I really admire the talent they possess. I love Stephen King’s descriptions, Dean Koontz’ plot twists, and R.L. Stein’s versatility.
  Q5. If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?  
  1. I would have loved to been the author of Bunnicula! It was just a genius idea. For those of you not familiar with this book, it is about a vampire bunny who drains the juice from vegetables. It was written through the point of view of the house pets and was a delight to read. It was one of my many influences when I was younger and helped spark my love of reading and writing.
    Closing Question Do you let the book stew – leave it for a month and then come back to it? I do let my books stew. I like to have a fresh pair of eyes to look it over. This way I am able to season it with interesting content while trimming out the fat. But I repeat this process a few times before sending it off to be professionally cooked and packaged.  
The Fairies


Monday, November 3, 2014

Izi Vasleva Blog Tour

Book Blurb:
Storm Earls is a young teenage girl from London, whose parents work for a hi-tech science company. After her parents get involved in a dangerous project creating the most addictive drug ‘Oblivion’, Storm is sent on a deserted island as insurance for her parents’ continuous collaboration on the project. On the island the young girl’s curiosity takes over her and she begins to uncover facts about her life that up until now she has been oblivious to. Eager to find out more and get back home, Storm takes on a dangerous journey filled with battles against a multimillionaire corporation and the wildlife of the island. Along the way the young teenager finds a lost friend of hers, while making new friendships and even finding love for the first time. But with finding friends comes losing friends. Who will Storm lose and would she ever be able to return to London?
DSC_0613   Author’s bio: Izabel (Izi) Vasileva was born Apr 1991 in Bulgaria, where she grew up surrounded by loving friends and family, who have always encouraged her to follow her dreams and always supported her decision despite the fact how crazy they were sometimes. At the age of 18 she decided to move to UK to study and follow her dreams, that’s when a lot of people she knew told her ‘You can’t do it.’. Izi as stubborn as she stood her ground and told them ‘Just watch me.’, which is what she says every time someone doubts her abilities. In 2009 she moved to Canterbury, where on her own she faced the challenges of being independent and living away from home. She learned quickly to adapt and made many new friends along the way. Books have been a passion of hers for a while. She likes to get lost between the pages of a good fiction. Her favorites are YA novel and the very first book that captured her attention completely was Twilight. After some unfortunate events with one of her friends, Izi finally decided to put the idea, which has been in her head for couple of months, on paper. That’s how Izi’s first novel The Prison of Oblivion was born. The author loves expressing her feeling through her stories, but fully realizes that she needs to write more and learn more about writing before she becomes one of the authors, who readers truly admire. To all the readers the author says ‘If you like fiction and YA novel, give me a chance.’.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Author S.M. Bjarnson Blog Tour



Blurb -

The Sacrificing Mother dives deep into the world of Laney Rhodes, a 17 year old girl, who loves nothing more than to surf. Laney’s life has never be smooth sailing or easy going. To be blunt her mother is an escort/stripper/sexual favors kind of a woman. Yes, to be exact Rubee Rhodes was quite the scandal, who had an inappropriate relationship with alcohol.
Of course we cannot commence the storytelling process without justifying the backstory and whence it began. So all aboard criminals and lovers let’s enter the winding roads and deserted isles of a girl named Laney Rhodes.
There should always be two types of pregnancy tests. One, being for women who has established themselves in society or who are 30 years of age or older. The other one that is so apparently portrayed in my mind’s eye. Is for all those teenagers, those sweethearts running off to do the act they think will last forever. Guess what in denial tweens, it doesn’t!
So instead of the occasionally two lines or plus sign, for the youth of our nation there should be two replies for breaking the news: For NO it should state in all caps and in bold big blinking letters CONGRATS! As it shoots out confetti. If you happen to be as unlucky as I am, then you would read the equivalent to the overused acronym FML. These three letters do not blink or congratulate you, they stand tall and wide. Your future is carved into a plastic flamingo lawn ornament, instead of an honoree plaque as a college graduate.
Oh, if only I could just take this worry, and surf the angst away. My, wouldn’t everyday be a little bit brighter! So, you’re wondering who the guy is that so kindly invested in me with his sperm. Well, I fell in love for the first time that summer or maybe the second, the second time I am still a little unsure about… Audience members meet the boys; Noah Adler, 19 year old college bound, gorgeous, virgin galore. Briton Clark, 22 year old bodyguard at my mother’s strip club. One night she finds definite disaster in the blue eyes of Briton and pure romance with Noah. The heart throbs have turned tables on her and cupid is now calling her out stupid.

8 (1)4Author Bio

Growing copious ambitious desires to become a novelist. Once deliberating self-publishing the best option, her first novella The Tangled Tears was published in 2013. The Circus in Me, published April 2014. The Sacrificing Mother her 3rd book, and first full length novel coming into print October 2014. A young adult novel about the sweet temptations of love and surfing. Clean of ink stains and paper cuts, she dabbles in scrap-booking & wood crafts, and enjoys cooking. S.M. lives in Idaho with her husband and son.

S.M. Bjarnson interview with main character Laney Rhodes.

SM- Laney you've grown up and experienced the oddest of predicaments. To be honest you have not had the best living situations or easy upbringing!
LR- I think everybody can say they didn't have an easy channel for maturity. Although not many mothers are hookers, like mine.
SM- Do you ever have regrets in your life, Laney?
LR- Not as many as I thought I would at this point. There have been items in my life that people categorize as mistakes. But I could never justify a human being as a problem, let alone a mistake.
SM- You are quite brave for sharing your story with thousands of people?
LR- I wouldn't call it bravery, I just see myself as an example rather than a statistic. I evolve from the situations I have placed myself in, and the story I hope translates a journey of overcoming circumstances.

Top 10 Favorite Movies

1. Another Earth 2. Daydream Nation 3.Chicago 4.Milan Rouge 5.Stakeland 6.Mr. Nobody 7. Upside Down 8. Castle in the sky 9. Kiki's delivery service 10. Spirited Away
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Links to Author S.M. Bjarnson
Links to The Tangled Tears
Links to The Circus in Me
Links to The Sacrificing Mother


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Blog Tour with Author Kat Green


What inspired you to write your first book? I’ve always wanted to write a book. I penned my first when I was 11, no idea what happened to it, but I do remember elements of it are in Strings. The story isn’t the same in the sense of it being about a rock band, or fame but the Amber part was. Losing my mum 4 years ago made me realize life is short and it was about time I did what I really wanted to do before it was too late. Sometimes there isn’t a tomorrow.

  How did you come up with the title?  The name changed 4 times until I decided on Strings. There are lots of different events in the book that are surrounded by being tied to something, or a form of Strings being involved. Amber said ‘No Strings attached.’  Guitars have Strings, the boys signing a contract which ties them into something. I just thought it was a perfect name.

  Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? It didn’t start of that way. As the story unfolded I began to see a message. Everything has a price. If something is worth the fight, you fight hard for it. And, that even boys in bands can fall in love. There is a stigma attached to being a ‘Rock Star’ that it’s all sex, drugs and groupies. I know a lot of bands and it really is not the case for all. I know lots of people in bands who are in committed relationships, they gig and they go home. Of course, I am not saying it doesn’t happen, we all know it does.  My main one is the power of friendship. True friends can conquer anything together. And, so can true love but you have to be willing to take the bad as well as the good. And, that fame isn’t what people think it is, it can be a very lonely place.  Famous people are human to and they had bad times and money doesn’t buy you everything. Money was no good to Melissa when Luke went missing, it was useless.

 If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?  I think every writer thinks they could have done it better or changed this or that. I did that for a long time, and eventually you just have to let it be. Once I was finally able to sit back and say ‘Yes. It’s ready’  It was time to let it go. I could change things, but I have no desire to do it.

What's the best thing you enjoy about writing? Creating people and building a world  all of my own

Do you have any advice for other writers?  Be brave. Write what is in your heart and soul. Be at peace that your book won’t be liked by everyone and not to take it too much to heart. It’s a big world out there and everyone has different taste. Be grateful for those who do like it and support you. Focus on that and don’t let it knock your confidence.

 Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? Yes. Thank you. You’re all Awesome for giving my book a chance. It means a lot to me.

Which Character/s did you create first? Melissa and Beth were always in my mind, and they never changed. Well, apart from Melissa whos name change twice before I settled on Melissa. She was Stephanie at one stage. Names always seem to be important to me they have to be just right.  Then Luke was created, who was actually Dean at the very start.

How important is music to you? Music is a massive passion of mine. I love finding new bands and going to gigs.

 What are you working on at the moment? The sequel to Strings, and planning the third and last one.

Kat Green Bio: 

 Kat Green was born Nov 1979 into a military family, and moved around a lot during her childhood. This shaped her into the person she is today. At ease with meeting new people and adapting to new surroundings. Her family roots are from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Kat now lives with her husband and son on the south coast of England, Portsmouth. She doesn't pretend to be the best, and is still growing as a writer and having fun along the way. She loves books and has a busy imagination. Her love for music plays a big part in her first novel, Strings, and she can be found mainly at gigs around the UK. In 2010 she lost her mother to blood cancer and it was time to put her words on a page and stop worrying about what people might say, 'Life is too short and precious to waste' is her motto. Writing is her passion and her escape. If you like what she does, she says 'Thank you!' For those who don't,
she says 'Thanks for giving her a chance.'

Strings Blurb
The rise of the Black Eagles was meteoric, from band practice in the garage to global stars almost overnight. And Melissa Webb, the beautiful girlfriend of the front man, appeared to have it all. But when Luke Black disappears without a trace and Melissa wakes up in a hospital bed after a savage attack, her perfect world is shattered and their lives are plunged into a potentially deadly crisis. Where is Luke, and can he be found before it is too late?

 Melissa was also a big part of his plans. It surprised him when he thought about it, because with past girlfriends, his focus had never been diverted from his musical goals. More than once, this was the reason that his relationships ended. It wasn’t selfishness on his part, or at least he didn’t think it was. It was just that he’d never been with someone who he had pictured in his long-term plans. But she was in all of them now. He’d always found the thought of spending your life with one person a bit scary – never being close to another person or having that exciting feeling of a new relationship. But she’d changed all that. It may have been only a month, but he knew she was the one he wanted to be with. The fact that his friends seemed to like her too was a bonus; there had been one or two girls in the past who hadn’t fitted in – usually too wrapped up in themselves to bother getting to know his mates. They were the people he spent most of his time with, and he was nothing without them – they were like family. Melissa had just slotted into the role of being his girlfriend so effortlessly, and vice versa. It just seemed natural. His plans for his future and the band’s therefore naturally included her – it was as though she was their fifth member, even though she didn’t sing or play an instrument. He trusted her and valued her opinion, so it meant a lot to him that she approved of what they did. He was still awake, his thoughts flying around in his head. He decided that he needed to hear her voice, to settle him down and put that tiny bit of doubt out of his mind. So he dialled her number. ‘Are you worrying?’ She sounded sleepy when she answered. ‘A little – everyone’s asleep, but I can’t shut off.’ ‘Can you get to me?’ ‘Of course, babe. I’ll be there in half an hour.’ He knew he should be sleeping, but there was only one place he wanted to be right now. He called a taxi, leaving a note for his sleeping band mates to pick him up from her house in the morning. He just hoped they could be trusted to get up on time.

  Book Soundtrack:

Arctic Monkeys – I wanna be yours
Paramore – Anklebiters
Green Day – Do you know your enemy
Muse – Hysteria
Tonight Alive – Come Home
Marcus Foster  –  I was Broken
Sam Bradley – Passport